Throat Chakra

There comes a moment when you recognise your strengths and gifts and know your life’s task. When you live uncompromised to your truth and can disregard the opinions, advice, and criticism of others, you open your throat chakra. This chakra is where you reach your full human potential. Associated with the colour blue, this centre is for self-expression and communication and is fully matured when you no longer blame others for your dissatisfactions.

Accept responsibility for yourself and you will draw the right support to you. It is considered the final and fifth element of ether, the empty space in which all potential possibilities occur and where the elements of earth, water, fire and air arise from and return.

At the solar-plexus chakra stage, we develop our rational functions and become so identified with our minds, that we believe we are our thoughts. As we transcend to the heart chakra stage, we experience the finer feelings of compassion and love and are able to take a small enough step back from ourselves to notice when our thoughts are spiralling out of control, or out of harmony. At the throat chakra stage, we have the capacity to take an even further step back, to witness both our thoughts and feelings as completely separate to ourselves. This level of detachment is what allows us to experience ‘the power of now’ and true creativity that comes with non-attachment to specific outcomes.

The individual who has reached this level of development is free from taking things personally (the ego), or influenced by the opinions of others. This is where we hear our own voice, and take responsibility for following and expressing our true calling in life.

At the throat chakra level, the etheric template (pictured right) connects us to our soul’s higher will. This subtle body exists in a different dimension and is where the original blueprint for our human form is structured. It appears oval-shaped and extends up to 2 and a half feet around the body. Cosmic space perceived on this level (with clairvoyant vision), as cobalt blue in colour. Then, from empty space, translucent beams of light form a dense matrix, leaving an empty ‘human mould’ to be created in the middle. It is this human mould that the etheric body takes its form (the subtle level at the root chakra). And it is from the etheric body that the physical body then manifests.

This level is where sound creates matter. We are spirit having human experiences. We are created perfectly to experience and fulfil our individual journeys. Wholeness and well-being are limited if we focus only on healing our physical bodies.

The Etheric Template relates to the development of the Inward Stone: albedo