The Mysteries of the Universe, or the Station of the Rare Diamond Pearl by Almaas

In this awe-inspiring dream, I witnessed the Logos (as it was called in the dream) in flux and flow, creating transformation at the impersonal level of the universe. This dream, plus three significant dreams that followed (of the absoluteone-mind and Brahman cow-man) were recognised by my analyst as depicting consciousness at the archetypal level.

According to Almaas (1988, p. 474), the final level of attainable consciousness is the ‘diamond pearl’ whereby we realise the dimension of the ‘Logos’. Almaas (1988, p. 475) says this is the ‘universal or cosmic functioning’ of the universe as it transcends the function of the individual and admits us to a state of consciousness, or to a dimension that is rarely experienced in the modern world. This stage is considered by Almaas a complete process of its own.

To conclude the series, I will include two further dreams. The first shows Maitreya, the World Teacher, tending to the Tree of Life and the second shows the baby Jesus. My analyst recognised these dreams as archetypal images of wholeness, the ‘Christ’ as the personal embodiment of the Divine (Almaas, 1988, p.476; Jung, 1989, p. 539) and representative of the creation of the ‘living stone’ (Jung, 1989, p. 539).