The Living Stone

In this dream, Sophie (Divine Wisdom) is here! And in the dream, I am turning into Sophie, into Galaxies!

This is a Living Stone Dream and shows how nonconditional freedom is symbolically represented. This is where we realise that we are both an individual manifestation of Reality and that Reality expresses itself through us. Also, we hold awareness of the validity of all previous states of consciousness, including both dual and nondual experiences.

The philosophers’ stone is nonconditional freedom. This freedom is not conditioned by a particular state, by a particular view, or by a particular realisation. In this freedom, we can be anything, everything, nothing, and not even that. We can be dual, we can be nondual, we can be nonlocal, and we can be none of these; we can also not be at all. Each one of us is a human individual – a particular manifestation of Total Being – but as we awaken to true nature and explore reality from the perspective of true nature, we realise that we are also Total Being. We are always Total Being because everything is Total Being. Total Being is everything, and it is each particular thing, and each particular thing is everything. And we are the particular thing that can know all this. The particular is simply the other side of the whole, a truth that does not arise in nondual realisation, but rather from realization of unilocal unity.

Almaas, The Alchemy of Freedom: The Philosophers’ Stone and the Secrets of Existence p.185

This is a Living Philosophical Stone dream.