The Journey of Descent in Alchemical Terminology, or the Core Dimension by Almaas

In this dream, suns and moons were multiplying inside me which I took to be a depiction of two key processes. The first important symbol is the body as a depiction of the alchemical operation of coagulatio (Hamilton, 2014, Edinger, 1985), which refers to the earth element. The second distinct image is the multiplying suns and moons inside my body which I interpreted as a depiction of incorporating and grounding celestial energies.

I also equated this dream with what Almaas (2004, p. 427) describes as the ‘core dimension.’ This is the first stage of the journey of descent whereby a person returns to the world having integrated the wisdom that at our core and innermost nature we are absolute. This corresponded to my personal experience of my unfolding journey and I understood this dream as a depiction of the core dimension.