The Alchemical Operation of Conjunction, or Coniunctio

In this dream, I saw the marriage of the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine and Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. This dream clearly depicts a marriage, or coniunctio in alchemical terminology (Edinger, 1985). All the attendants at the ceremony were dressed in shimmering black and gold, which are colours recognised by my therapist as associated with experiencing a deep union.

A couple of months later, on 13th October 2015, I dreamt ‘I am talking to God’. This reference to God equates to the dimension described by Pseudo-Dionysius as the ‘divine darkness….where God is said to live’ (Marlan, 2005, p. 176) and to ‘vast infinite black space’ (Almaas, 2004, p. 394). In The Black Sun (Marlan, 2005, p. 197) mystic Henri Corbin compared this state to the Sufis’s ‘black light.’ Raff (& Vocatura, 2002, p. 36) refers to this stage as the ‘Divine-Divine’ and similarly describes it as the ‘union of the person and God’.