Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is located above the navel and is associated with the colour yellow and our individuality, the ego. We each have a unique task here but we must first develop self-worth and confidence, to recognise our purpose and experience the pleasure of pursuing it. Strong emotions like anger, fear and frustration are due to blocks here and so we engage in the drama for power and control.

It is considered the fire element because when opened and fully burning we feel empowered and experience the warmth in ourselves, and use the ‘fire’ of negative emotions and experiences as fuel for positive transformation and personal growth.

As we enter our adolescent years, we expand into the solar plexus consciousness of intellect, reason and logic. At 14 -15 years old, we can begin to reason and think for ourselves. No longer in blissful union with the universal field or sheltered by our parents, our sense of self becomes wholly identified with our egos (personality).

To transcend our egos (and later reclaim our whole Selves), we must first have an ego that is healthy and highly functioning. To successfully navigate this stage of development is to learn how to make it in the world of humankind.

Social society requires us to be extroverted and to have ‘what others want’ and so we embark on the quest to gain the illusion of power in all its symbolic forms. Our childhood innocence is lost as we seek acceptance and approval in the outside world, by the only means we can visualise, through control, recognition, wealth, supremacy and sexual conquests.

At the solar-plexus, we access the lower mental body where all thoughts and ideas manifest. The lower mental body (pictured right) allows us to think. This auric layer is finer and vibrates at a higher frequency than the lower emotional body and appears as yellow light radiating 3″ to 8″ beyond the physical body. It is most visible around the head and shoulders and it intensifies in brightness when we concentrate.

The Lower Mental Body relates to the development of the Inward Stone.

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