My Name is Ayana

On August 15th, 2013, I had a dream.

My name is AYANA. I am on a pilgrimage. I arrive at a remote place. I am devoted to the Divine. In my hands, I hold a certificate with a blue face on it. The eyes are closed. The blue face is embroidered in stitches. I walk around this place, and I see a monkey and a sparrow with two baby chicks on its belly. They are both human size. I am watching them. The monkey turns into an old man, who looks at me and says ‘I have heard of a Vietnamese girl who has been wandering around this place.’ I cry with joy and he says he understands. He says ‘only a small handful come this far’. They are looking for a princess for their village….

Ayana is an ancient Sanskrit word that means ‘going, walking, road, path, way’.

In waking dream technique, I hold the certificate in my hands, and it feels like an achievement, an accomplishment. I learnt that the blue face with his eyes closed symbolised the Divine. The face was embroidered in stitches, and my association to embroidery is to my mandala, which I embroidered during my Healing course in 2009.

My Mandala

Both the old man and the princess are archetypes for the Self. I learnt that my name Ayana, in the dream, meant that my soul recognised Ayana. With this dream, I understood in a very personal way, that at the centre of my mandala, at the depth of our being, we are all Divine in essence.

This is an Inward Stone: citrinias dream.