Heart of the Universe

In Dream 1, I am shown in diagrammatic form a large golden sun in the sky. A beam of light radiates in the heart of a person. In Dream 2, from a different angle, this spark of light within each of us together appears like stars in the night sky.

This series of dreams reveal that there are many ways in which we can experience Reality and if we are open, Reality is free to manifest itself in any way that is appropriate. We become free from holding on to any particular view as the ultimate nature of Reality. This view of Totality can include the nondual view where we are a part of the whole i.e. ‘stars in the sky’. It can also include the view of non-locality (unilocal), which sees us both as an individual expression of the Universe whilst also containing the whole Universe in the depths of our hearts. This series of dreams shows us that it is also possible to hold a mixture/ combination of different views all at the same time.

When you become aware of yourself as Consciousness, you realise what lies at the heart of the Universe because the heart – meaning the innermost dimension of yourself, the core, the heart, is… when you find that within yourself, that is the heart of the Universe because you are a microcosm of the entire Universe.

Eckhart Tolle 2017, Enlightened Relationships, 29mins 18secs