Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is associated with the colour green or rose pink and is where we experience unconditional love and know our heart’s true desires. When our hearts are open we can look upon ourselves, our situations, our fellow humans and all living creatures with wisdom and kindness.

At our three lower chakras, we are concerned primarily with ourselves but at the heart chakra, we begin to evolve back into spirit. For here is where we feel empathy and compassion and if we can understand what another feels and desire to help them, then barriers between us dissolve. The urge to rise above the desires of the ego in favour of a higher calling (charity, social causes, a spiritual path or commitment to another) is a sign of a spiritually evolving person.

Integrating the heart chakra consciousness is often experienced in fits and starts, as the tug of war between the ego and the Self struggle for supremacy. Many lose their way in addictions, sexual conquests and busyness or in their obsession with excessive wealth and power. But after much fighting, resistance and diversions the ego comes to recognise its true position and surrenders in service to the Self/ Soul and we discover universal love, compassion and empathy.

A heart centred person lives their life based on what feels authentically right and true for them and thus superficial appearances and the opinions of others no longer matter. Guilty feelings are rarely experienced for life is lived in accordance with only the highest and purest of intentions. This chakra governs the heart and circulatory system and is considered the air element as it shares the lighter finer feelings that come with love like bliss, beauty, harmony and laughter.

At the heart chakra consciousness, we gain access to the astral body (pictured right), which allows us to experience love for humanity. This subtle body appears as clouds of coloured lights extending 6″ – 12″ beyond the physical body. It is similar to the lower emotional body (sacral chakra) but it vibrates faster, is even finer and more beautiful with rose light.

The Astral Body relates to the development of the Inward Stone: albedo