“We do not live. Life lives as us. We do not survive. Life survives us. The individual body and mind are only temporary expressions and stepped-down modifications or lesser intensities of Life, which is Absolute Intensity, or Infinite Radiance. The individual is not an inherently independent “entity,” radically “other” than all other “entities.” The individual is only Life alive, and all who are alive (or filled and lived by Life) are identical to that same, All-Pervading and Absolute Life. Each one is Life itself, in person, and yet not other than Itself.”

Bubba Free JohnThe Enlightenment of the Whole Body (p.134)

“From time to time, Life manages to Realize Itself perfectly while yet appearing in human and bodily form. Such an Event is of unique value to all other men. It is the Event wherein Life archives Agency and the capacity for direct Influence via all the functions of a human body-mind, the likeness of all men and women. The Spiritual Master is such an Event.”

Bubba Free JohnThe Enlightenment of the Whole Body (p.135)

“Such a character is profoundly emotional, intelligent, and full of Life. He works creatively within the mechanisms of his present adaptation, as one who is lived and pervaded by Life. Thus, he is a creative force or ecstatic agency of Life, rather than a self-possessed, abstracted, chronically reactive or strategically nonreactive opponent of his own morality. He grows, adapts, and cuts through. He is not weak, but strong. His freedom is shown in his aggressive, self-yielding resort to the Divine under all circumstances. He is not passionless. Rather, his passion is pressed to God.”

Bubba Free JohnThe Enlightenment of the Whole Body (p.313)