Crown Chakra

At the top of the head is the crown chakra. It is associated with the colour violet, white or gold.

When the activities at the mental level are brought under absolute control we expand to our highest vibration. Without impressions or images in our minds, we enter into a non-conceptual dimension beyond time, space and causality and experience oneness with all life and awaken to pure consciousness/ pure awareness.

At the crown chakra, the causal body (pictured right) connects us to our higher mind, where we are enlightened to the Oneness with our inner Divine. The causal body expands 2.5 – 3.5 feet beyond the physical body and appears to clairvoyant vision as a gold shimmering egg, composed of beautiful, intricate fine lines of gold-silver light.

Beyond the Chakra System…

There exist even higher layers of consciousness above and beyond those associated with the seven major chakras. We are all these layers of subtle energy, and each one is just as real as the physical body.


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The Causal Body relates to the development of the Inward Stone: citrinitas