Brow Chakra

Located in the centre of our forehead between the eyebrow is the brow chakra or third eye. It is associated with the colour indigo, our intuition and our ability to visualise.

The sixth chakra person is learning to open up their third eye, and to keep this connection with their intuition permanently open, and to trust this higher wisdom over their ego/mind. This is achieved through meditative/spiritual practice. In time, the stillness and peace found in deep meditation and prayer gradually expand to touch every part of our lives and we grow exquisitely sensitive as our awareness expands beyond ordinary perception.

Deepening introspection is a painful process for we come to know and face our demons. It is when we survive our fears that we are freed from them. Often we don’t even know they are there because they have become so deeply ingrained in our identity. As each one of our fears is transformed into the light we maintain higher levels of vibrations. Self-mastery is attained when we have the discipline to live by our own inner wisdom and can witness our own destructive thoughts, behavioural patterns and command ourselves to stop at will.

In Western society, it is rare for a person to expand their consciousness to the sixth chakra as a permanent stage, or to even come close to it. This is partly due to the excessive focus on the external and material world.

At the brow chakra, the celestial body (pictured right) connects us to higher feelings of love that not only include humanity but all of life. Experiencing moments of pure light and/ or oneness signals expansion to our celestial body. This subtle body appears to clairvoyant vision, as a ball of light, with beams of silver, gold and opalescence, and extends 2 – 3 feet from the physical body.

The Celestial Body relates to the development of the Inward Stone: albedo