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Maturing in our Spiritual Search: from Experience to Knowledge

Most of the great spiritual traditions claim that there is something eternal and supremely infinite, something that is all-knowing, all-powerful and present everywhere (omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent). If that is the case, then this Infinite must already be here, right now. It is not that certain mystical or transcendental experiences are experiences of the Infinite […]

Isha Upanishad: That is Full, this is Full

“That is full, this is full From that fullness comes this fullness If you take away this fullness from that fullness Only fullness remains”   Invocatory verse of Isha Upanishad   Gandhi famously declared the Isha Upanishad to be the summit of human wisdom. He said if all the scriptures in the world were lost, […]

The Relative and the Absolute Truth

What I call spirituality is that which is concerned with the ultimate truth or absolute truth. This truth is universal, never changes and can be directly perceived/experienced at all times and places. It cannot be learnt or accumulated as it is always already present and known. I use various capitalised words synonymously to describe it, eg. God, Truth, Love, […]

Spiritual Knowledge Cannot be Learnt

“There will come a time when one will have to forget all that one has learned.” from ‘Who am I’ by Ramana Maharshi Ultimate truth is simply that which never changes. It is here, now, everywhere and always already in its full glory. Ultimate truth does not require you to believe in it or even […]

The Light that Shines Within

There is a light. A light that shines within. You can call it the light of consciousness. It is the light by which we can see, hear, smell, taste, touch and think. When we close our eyes and imagine something, it is also illumined by this inner light. When we imagine only darkness but are […]

Spiritual Materialism

So many spiritual seekers start off on the wrong footing, so many spiritual teachings pander to the ego. If your main aim on the spiritual path is to gain  super-powers, be permanently in a state of heightened bliss or to be the next great spiritual teacher, then you are primarily interested in accumulation and possession and […]