Almaas: Five Dimensions of True Nature

Divine Light & Love

Our five senses detect only visible forms, and through them, we perceive ourselves as humans in a physical world. However, with the aid of a powerful microscope, we can see that beyond our skins and bones there are smaller particles of atoms, and even smaller electrons and protons. If we continue to explore beyond that, we simply arrive at flashes of light. This light is the presence of pure consciousness.

Almaas’s Divine Love & Light (Cosmic Consciousness or Universal Consciousness) is the embodied experience of this light as our true nature. At this level of awareness, we recognise that this light is not only at the depth of our being, but is in every person, animal, plant and in all manifestations. We are connected by this light and we may experience this either as being ‘a drop in the ocean’ or as being the ‘boundless ocean’ itself. Seeing through our projections of the physical world to this light is to know the creative intelligence that spontaneously changes, appears and disappears to provide through our five senses the illusion of the manifested world. This is a radical expansion in consciousness.

On the dimension of Divine Love & Light we are aware of our true nature and inner light and:

  • continue to perceive the world through our senses
  • continue to know, recognise and make sense of the world through our minds, and
  • experience the fullness, richness and abundance of life through our hearts and feelings.

The soul is graceful, pure, gentle, soft, sweet and carefree for it knows at this deeper level of existence, the world is full of goodness, love, light, beauty, awe and wonderment, and that at this level of light we are always safe and secure.

Expansion to this level of consciousness requires us to dis-identify with our ego’s will, independence and individuality to experience our interconnectedness. Only after we recognise our true Divine Love & Light nature can we progress on our soul’s individuality, but this time, an individuality that is not ‘separate’ but instead our Soul’s will is now one and aligned with our creator. The soul learns to trust in this higher power which is necessary to face the challenges ahead. “She accepts that she will accept whatever happens, for it is the will of the inner truth, not hers.”*