Almaas: Diamond Approach to Self Realization

The Journey of Descent from the Absolute

To know ourselves as the Absolute and Emptiness is a journey of intense self-discovery. We come to know ourselves deeply and to feel deeply. We see how our soul has been guided home and how unique our individual journey is. We see how every twist, turn and curveball were all necessary to the development of our potentials and the refinements of our gifts and talents. Knowing ourselves we become authentically ourselves and discover our unique contribution to the world.

To be real and authentic means to let go and to surrender to the flow of the universe in each new instantaneous moment. The universe keeps changing. Change is the nature of things and we are to change with it. It is like a surfer who is able to recognise the changing tides and to catch and ride each new wave. We cannot direct the currents of the oceans to suit ourselves, we can only allow the currents to rise and to stay with whatever comes our way. The flow of the universe will lead you exactly where you need to be in each new moment and the ride will take you all the way home if you just get your ‘mind’ out of the way. The more you fight with what unfolds before you in your life the more you miss the deeper lesson and the more the same things keep happening.“We learn to flow with whatever the logos of our true nature manifests in our experience… we become content with whatever state into which the logos manifests our experience.”*

We cannot remain at the peak of transcendence enlightenment forever for there is another journey to take. The actualization of reality occurs in the journey of descent, of coming back down to earth and back into the abundance, richness and fullness of manifestation. But this time with the knowledge of our true identity as the Absolute & Emptiness as our depth.